Pace and Compass Traverse Survey:

The enclosed report includes the project’s area of interest, team members, methodology, procedure and calculations, and the results collected from the field. The appendix at the end of the report includes three maps of the area of interest as well as the original field book notes. The purpose of the surveying project was to find the total estimated cost for seeding a wetland with regionally appropriate wetland species. It was found that the area measured was 0.2506 Ha and the cost for the total project, including labour and equipment would be $3042.49.

This project was completed in partnership with Elliott Geomatics.

GPS Survey:

The purpose of the GPS Surveying project was to learn how to conduct a field GPS Survey (GPSS). It taught how to determine different types of geographical features in a survey area and to learn how to use ESRI’s ArcPad to create point, polyline, and polygon features classes on the ‘Trimble© GeoXT™ - GeoExplorer 3000 Series’. Likewise, the project introduced the method of interchanging data between the Trimble GPS unit and the desktop computer, and also the procedure of merging data from different survey teams while cleaning up the topological errors between boundaries using ESRI’s ArcGIS, ArcMap 10.2.2.

Total Station Survey Using Nikon 302 Series:

The purpose of the following assignment was to learn how to operate a field TSS using the Nikon 302 Series (NPR332 or DTM-322), including centering, leveling, and using the total station to measure coordinates (northing, easting, and elevation) of different geographical features. The knowledge gained from the assignment included learning how to transfer field surveyed data in the total station to a computer and also the ability to process the surveyed point data using ArcGIS. Moreover, the assignment taught how to generate a raster dataset, such as DEM, from the field surveyed point data. Lastly, the assignment taught how to create and edit data using the editor tool in ArcGIS as well as how to manipulate shapefiles and personal geodatabases as well.

Pace and Compass Traverse Survey

Principal Component Analysis

GPS Survey

Total Station Survey Using Nikon 302 Series